We have 2 types of females at our club

 1. These kind of females are those who belong to housewives and working class females who are working till 6'o'clk or 7'o'clk after that they are free and living alone in India. The time these female call and register with our club we introduce them to our registered club members only. These females then call them up fix date with them in a restaurant, go to some club and pub and have fun after that they book a hotel room or take you to their home and relax for couple of hours or overnight.
You don't have to pay any penny to such females but all the expenses that you and she made together has to be shared equally , the females in this comprises of doctors, lawyers, engineers, corporate females, divorce's. 

 2. These females whose belongs to rich families , those NRI families who are staying abroad and females are doing some courses alone in India or those housewives whose husbands are out of stations or out of country for some business work and will be back in couple of months, or those who working in big corporate companies and remain on tours most of the times such females have no money problems but they are desperate housewives and living alone and want to go for short term friendship relationship for short period of time secretly. All expenses are bearded by females itself. They take them to there own private appartments or places where they relaxes themselves for couple of hours or overnight in the company of our club member and after that they favors our club member by giving Rs. 12,000 to Rs.25,000 or much bigger amount in return to there lovely company, as money is no problem to such females and they want things to be as secrete as possible. These females comprises of wives of some celebs, corporate top notch directors,CEO's.